LTG and District Contact Information

Division 64 Lieutenant Governor:

Dorothy Wang

Lakeridge High School

[email protected]

Phone: 503-545-6886

District Officers:

District Governor Lisa Antonio:

[email protected]ail.com

District Secretary Ik Hoon Jung:

[email protected]

District Treasurer Aneesh Pappu: 

[email protected]

District Bulletin Editor Jenny Zhang:

[email protected]

Convention Chair Cleo Tsang:

[email protected]

International Trustee Roshni Chandwani:

District Administrator John Jay

[email protected]

Assistant District Administrator Tom Saunders:

[email protected]

Finance Administrator Kevin Buyer

[email protected]

We are Division 64, the Dinosaurs! Our divisional colors are blue and silver.

Schools in our division:

Lake Oswego High School

Lakeridge High School

Sherwood High School

Tigard High School

Tualatin High School

West Linn High School

Wilsonville High School

Monthly Newsletters!!

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April 2014:  http://issuu.com/dorothywang/docs/april_newsletter.pptx

Information about Upcoming Events will be posted here!

-Selfie Olympics: Joint DCM August 25th for divisions 44,62, 65, 66 (Division 257). Members from the mentioned divisions will meet at Pioneer Square to meet Key Clubbers from all over the Portland area and have fun! :)

- Key Leader: October 24th-26th

Members: please send in photos of service projects, DCMs, club meetings, etc. so they can be featured in my newsletter or put onto this website! :)


Officer Contact Information Form: (please fill out by May 18th! Or as early as possible)


Monthly Presidential or Vice President Reports (by the 5th of every month):


Monthly Secretary Reports (by the 5th of every month):

Please email to:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], your club advisors, officers, members, and whoever else! :)

Please convert to PDF before sending. 

Link: http://tinyurl.com/nph34yp

Monthly Editor/PR/Activities Coordinator Report (by the 5th of every month):

Send in at least 2 pictures and fill out this online report. 



This song was produced by Brandon Roman from the California-Nevada-Hawaii District and talks about Key Club and the ELIMINATE Project. You can find the song at https://soundcloud.com/trueflipsun/key-club-love-old-school-love. Check him out!

Givin that Key Club love right now
You know that we love you - you won't be alone
As long as we're here - as long as we love you
Givin that Key Club right now (x2)

(Verse 1)
Sunday morning - get up around 4am-ish
Talk about a day - its the service thats never ended
Giving r love and time - to give back is all that we do
Blessed w/ our loved ones - and we sharing that love to you

Eliminate that disease free - do away wit of that all that
Dollar-80 s'all it takes - sumthing I could fall back
On - Onto a newer day - w/o a single tear
From moms around the world shedding over their sons here
A sad sight I had to witness at hand
So I vow to do all in my power to eliminate in the lands
That Maternal Neonatal - that tetanus is so fatal
Moms should have the right to hold their child - not trap it in a cradle

Promise to do us all good - raising money - all through
2015 to end it all - it's all because of you
No matter when or where - we'll always make a change
And since i've joined this new ohana - life will never be the same

As long as we're here - as long as we love you
Givin that Key Club right now (x2)

(Verse 2)
BUILDERS of the world takin AKTION with our KIWANIS
I'm proud to be a part of family - I really wanted
Experience as a leader - experience as a lover
Experience with an organization thats like no other

The feelings of the joy and love - felt when I was so young
Hadn't felt this way in awhile - but glad it's comin up
My sights high - to perform up in Sacramento
And this last year of high school ain't hit me - but i'll remember though

I miss the "how do you feel" chants at the fall rallies
I always thought if I did em – that people talked about me
Goin super craz y when I represent my division
Whoever would’ve thought I would strive for a newer vision

To make the world a better place – do it steady – fast pace
Finish line – run it – as if i’m running my last race
CNH – always love it – and represented
Feel the never ended love – for the district I wont forget it – now show ya love

As long as we're here - as long as we love you
Givin that Key Club love right now (x2)

(Verse 3)
Socal summer – looking so far
How could I hold it back – just hop up in the car
Driving back down to Anaheim – that’s a good plan
Pack my bags – count the night and days to go to Disneyland

I still haven’t been there – not even as a child
Deprived so much – but oh well
And why can’t I be so perfect like I’m Prajwol – and kyle
Cuz they ain’t afraid to step up – and go for the extra mile – always livin so

Dedicated – to be th e best that they can
And achieve more as a person – I proudly just give a hand
But no matter what the number of hours served in the end
Whether it’s hundred or above – you’ve made a change in the land

I hate to end this chapter – man I’ll always miss it
But I promise to stay closer – and always visit
To trade this feeling – I’d never go ahead and wish it
Cause your love is worth more – than Victoria’s Golden Ticket

Give ya that Key Club Love right now
I’m leaving it all up to you darling
Giving you everything ya want
And give ya that Key Club Love right now
You know when we love you – you wont be alone

As long as we're here - as long as we love you
Givin that Key Club right now (x2)
Givin that Key Club love right now
You know that we love you - you won't be alone